Project Updates

This breakout will highlight three Arts Service Organizations existing and new projects and programs and give attendees information on how they came into existence, how they are progressing and what was learned on the way.

Jessyca Holland will talk about how C4 Atlanta leveraged support from a city official and a private investment group to open an arts center downtown.  Jessyca will cover the good, the bad and what the future holds for this new venture.

Karen Lane from Theatre Puget Sound will give an update on the 2012 Arts Crush Festival, specifically discussing the new initiatives implemented during the 2012 campaign including: Crush Crew, Crush in the Schools, social media campaign, and featured event curation. Moving forward, Karen will discuss the future of the festival with these programs, as well as the addition of the Crush Course education component to be added this year. Discussion of our mission will be of particular focus, ensuring that these initiatives remain a means toward that mission and not an end.

Doug Smith from TDF will attempt to bring the group up to date on the progress of Project Audience. He will talk about the Experience SoCal project and the Research potential that has stemmed from that project, take a look at where we are going next, answer any questions that have answers, happily accept any suggestions, and finally present opportunities to get involved and help mold the future of Project Audience.

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