Elizabeth Merritt – “Taking the Pulse of the Future”

Merritt head shot for programsA whirlwind tour of coming decades from the Alliance’s Center for the Future of Museums, exploring trends in philanthropy, technology and culture that are shaping cultural organizations, their communities and their audiences.

The American Alliance of Museums established the Center for the Future of Museums in 2008 to help museums understand the cultural, political, economic, environmental, and technological trends shaping the world, and envision how museums can help their communities thrive in coming decades.

Before being appointed CFM’s first director, Elizabeth led the Excellence Programs at AAM—Accreditation, Museum Assessment and Peer Review—as well as the association’s research activities. Prior to joining AAM, she spent 15 years working in museums in administration, curation and collections management. Her areas of expertise include futures studies, museum standards and best practices, ethics, collections management and planning, and assessment of nonprofit performance. Her books include “National Standards and Best Practices for U.S. Museums” and the “AAM Guide to Collections Planning.” She blogs for CFM at futureofmuseums.blogspot.com and tweets as @futureofmuseums.

Elizabeth Merritt has an M.A. Duke University, B.S. Yale University, Museum Management Institute, and University of Houston Futures Studies Certificate Course.

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