Wednesday, April 23 – Pre-Conference Day

TRG Arts Partners Pre-Conference (details)
9 am – 5 pm (Meet in ACME Hotel lobby at 8:30 a.m. to walk to venue. 10 minute walk)
Loyola University Museum of Art, 820 N. Michigan Ave., 3rd Fl

Brave Space: Building Equity in the Arts Pre-Conference
Noon to 6 pm (Meet in ACME Hotel lobby at 11:30 a.m. to walk to venue. 15 minute walk)
Lookingglass Theatre Rehearsal Room, Hancock Building, 875 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1430

Join your APASO colleagues for a transformative day tackling what is arguably the most pressing issue of our time. No matter what you call THE WORK (diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-oppression, social justice…) or THE ROOT ISSUES (racism, ableism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ageism…), this is a day for us to come together, gain some shared understanding, and emerge empowered to create change. The day will include:

      • Analysis-building around personal identity, power dynamics, and privilege with an intersectional approach that will help us begin to acknowledge the structural foundation that perpetuates oppression
      • Skills-building around anti-biased language and communication
      • Resource-sharing including a tool designed to help us assess our organizations on an equitable culture continuum

The complexity we face around issues of equity extends far beyond what we can address in a single session. But we hope this pre-conference will inspire participants to commit to the life-long learning needed by all of us.

Carmen Morgan will facilitate the pre-conference with the assistance TCG’s Director of Communications & Conferences Dafina McMillan and AFTA’s Vice President of Local Arts Advancement Clay Lord. For the past six years, Carmen has worked with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival on structural and organizational equality. In addition, she serves as a consultant for Theatre Communication Group’s Leading the Charge Diversity & Inclusion Initiative and launched and co-directs their Diversity & Inclusion Institute. She also provides customized resources to theatres nationwide, such as Steppenwolf, Portland Center Stage, Cal Shakes, and Center Theatre Group, around diversity and inclusion.

Opening Reception
Venue: Goodman Theatre, 170 N. Dearborn Ave.

6:30 – 8 pm (Meet in ACME Hotel lobby at 6:15 p.m. to walk to venue. 15 minute walk)

Hospitality Suite – ACME Hotel 2nd Fl. Lounge
9pm – 12am

What is the Hospitality Suite you ask? It’s a space and time to relax and network with APASO attendees while avoiding the hotel bar (and it’s prices!). Some of the best conference content is shared in the Hospitality Suite. Drinks and snacks will be served. And there’s a Foosball table!

Thursday, April 24 
Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art, 220 E. Chicago Ave.

Meet in ACME Hotel lobby at 8 a.m. to walk to venue. 15 minute walk.

8:30 – 9 am

9 – 9:15 am

Plenary: The Role of ASOs in Leading Equity in the Arts
9:15 – 10:45 am

Arts service organizations sit in influential positions within our communities, whether local, national, or international. What is our role in leading or supporting the systemic change that’s needed to stop ongoing inequities based on race, gender, ability, and more? Ultimately, this is a question that each of our organizations needs to answer, but this session can help. Learn about what’s happening nationally through Theatre Communications Group and locally in Pittsburgh and Boston. Then participate in a conversation facilitated by Carmen Morgan to generate ideas for actions we can take–as APASO, through our organizations, or individually–to create change.

Job Title Breakouts
11 am – 12:30 pm

Executive Directors/Leadership – Kanter Meeting Room
Member Services/Programming – Theatre
Marketing/Communications/Audience Development – Theatre
Create Your Own

12:30 – 1:15 pm

(Optional) Fractured Atlas Spaces Lunch Conversation – Kanter

Keynote and WorkshopMichael Rohd
1:15 – 3:45 pm

Michael Rohd, founder of the Center for Performance and Civic Practice will speak about the Center and in particular his work with Lookingglass Theatre’s Civic Practice Lab in Chicago, where they are working to build demand for the arts by developing collaborative projects with municipal and community organizations throughout the city. This is not a traditional audience engagement strategy; rather, it is co-designed, needs focused practice that reveals new ways of using the assets and experiences of artists to build healthier communities and new organizational stakeholders.

Following the talk Michael will lead us in a workshop exploring Civic Practice and how we can use our skills in advocacy and community building to increase our impact, increase local civic capacity and engage with diverse constituents and neighborhoods in new ways.

Short Talks – two groups of 20-minute APASO led-presentations followed by 10 minute Q & A
4 – 6 pm

Hear about a variety of projects from APASO organizations in two tracks: Audience Development and Research. Presentations will start at the beginning of each half-hour so you can easily move back and forth if you wish.

  • Projects in Audience Development – Classroom
    – 4 pm – Relaunch of Philly Fun Guide & Funsavers (Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance) Read More.
    – 4:30 pm – Summer Theatre Fest (Florida Theatre Alliance) Read More.
    – 5 pm – The IXITI “Experience Engine” (Culture Source) Read More.
    – 5:30 pm – A Chat about TRG Community Databases
  • Advancements in Research – Kanter Meeting Room
    • Using Research and Data: This session will focus on the collection, reporting, and the power of data to drive our sector’s growth and sustainability, engage policy makers and community leaders, effective communication of research findings, and current examples of data in action.
  • – 4 pm – Triple Play (Theatre Development Fund and Theatre Bay Area) Read More.
    – 4:30 pm – A Comparative Data Analysis of the Arts & Creative Sectors (Austin Creative Alliance) Read More.
    – 5 pm – Engaging Civic and Corporate Leaders with Arts Data (Arts Boston) Read More.
    – 5:30 pm – New Data Directions (Cultural Data Project) Read More.

Dinner on Your Own/Theatre Night

Hospitality Suite – ACME Hotel 2nd Fl. Lounge
9pm – 12 am

Friday, April 25Open Space Day
Venue: The Skyline Room at Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier, 800 E. Grand Ave.
(Check out the topics and notes from last year’s open space here!)

Open Space Central Question: What are the issues and opportunities for risk, relevance, leadership, and sustainability for yourself, your organization, the community that you serve, and our work together?

Meet in ACME Hotel lobby at 8:30 a.m. to take chartered bus to Navy Pier

9 – 9:30am

Open Space facilitated by Michael Herman
9:30 am to 12 pm

Lunch and KeynoteKevin Coval
12pm  – 1:30 pm

Poet, Educator and Organizer Kevin Coval will speak about his experiences with Young Chicago Authors and particularly as a founder of Louder Than A Bomb, the largest youth poetry festival in the world. Founded in 2001, Louder Than A Bomb was created to give youth around the city of Chicago a platform to share their stories. The festival has since become a “bridge” for young people from many different backgrounds to come together and find a common ground through their narratives. In 2001 four teams competed, more than 100 teams will compete in 2014.

Open Space
1:30 – 5 pm

Take CTA bus from Navy Pier back to hotel. 15 min. Directions.

Meet in ACME Hotel lobby at 6 p.m. to take CTA red line train to dinner. 10 min. Directions.

APASO Dinner – 6:30 pm – The Berghoff

It’s a tradition at APASO to have a dinner for all attendees. We hope you can join this special evening of good food and lots of laughs.

Hospitality Suite – ACME Hotel 2nd Fl Lounge
9pm – 12am

Saturday, April 26
Venue: Auditorium Theatre, 50 E. Congress

Chicago Architecture Run (Optional)
6:30 am (Meet in ACME Hotel lobby)

Meet in ACME Hotel lobby at 8 a.m. to take CTA red line train to venue. 15 min. Directions.

8:30 – 9am

Keynote – Juliane Wolf, Design Principal, Studio Gang Architects
9 am

Juliane Wolf will speak about Studio Gang’s unique approach, dedicated to employing the tools, methods, and visionary capability of design to catalyze positive change through public engagement and advocacy. Juliane is the project leader for the new space for Writers Theatre in Glencoe, scheduled for completion in 2016. In their approach to that design, the firm considered live theatre’s ability to connect and change people across boundaries as an important force in urban life since ancient times. Writers Theatre is designed to maximize that potential for a 21st-century theatre company, creating an architecture that energizes the daily life of its community.

Wrap Up and Looking Forward
10:30 am

Noon – End of Conference

Optional Group Activity – Historic Auditorium Theatre Tour

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