Open Space 2014

Building off of the success of last year, the APASO Program Committee is bringing back Open Space!  In order to recognize the leadership of each APASO member and to explore the multitude of important ideas and new strategies that our members want to discuss, DAY 2 of our conference will take place in Open Space style.

Originated by Harrison Owen, Open Space Technology is a highly-scalable and adaptable meeting format which creates unique opportunities for intentional, action-oriented discussions among diverse groups of people to explore areas of collaboration, and to share resources and information. The community-building power of this process comes from participants creating the agenda together, and subsequently self-organizing to lead group discussions about creative solutions to a central question.  It unleashes the leadership of every participant who is passionate about the issue at hand and wants to take action.

The 2014 APASO Central Question: What are the issues and opportunities for risk, relevance, leadership, and sustainability for yourself, your organization, the community that you serve, and our work together?

There are four promises of Open Space:

  1. every issue of concern to anybody will be raised;
  2. all issues will receive full discussion to the extent desired;
  3. a full report of all discussions will be produced; and
  4. there will be time for action planning.
Participants are asked to
“Bring your passion and creativity . . . and be ready to be surprised!”

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