GPCA Presentation

Phillyfunguide & Funsavers

John McInerney will share with folks their long journey from a small local events calendar, through a long and productive relationship with Artsopolis, to their most recent and exciting development, a new system, built from scratch, using innovative new technology, and offering the most sophisticated and engaging software for engaging consumers with cultural events. Be careful for what you wish for, our system has incredible potential but is complex and reliant on our own ability to adjust our software to respond to both consumer demand and technological opportunities. I’ll walk thru the new system, including our intuitive event submission process, which, for the first time, allows us to sort and filter event content by ticket price and specific times, something that eluded us for over 5 years. The site is completely responsive, seamlessly displaying on all devices, and can sort, filter and display information via many parameters, including ‘trending’ events, tags that go beyond discipline, and our own curatorial voice, promoted through a new editorial system that is based on popular sites such as Buzzfeed and Facebook. We have also worked very hard to integrate discount tickets, and eventually, gift certificates, merchandise and, in 2015, a loyalty pass, into the calendar. Finally, we will share with folks our strategy to build an affiliate network, using a robust API, simple consumer Iframe, and other tools that make it easy for us to share content, track revenue, and share profits with an expanding network of promotional partners.

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